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They say she resides in the city of lights

There subsiding behind all that bright, is her soul’s fight

Her eyes hide, not in fear or fright, but in a glimmer

A shimmer that can no longer simmer within

She is a reincarnation of a world that found unity

Tranquility in the balance of life and peace.

Here she sits as the beams from the strip illuminate her outer being

But none shine as bright as the essence of her inner self

As the sun dominates the day, so shall the moon take over the night

Shinning over all, giving sight to the lost and revealing a new source to the light

But she doesn’t emit a spectrum that can be spotted, captured or caught

Her light is that, hidden from sight, but beamed from her energy

She sees the world for what it is and not for what it was, that cannot be taught

And like the mighty moon that persuades the powerful ocean

The emotions tied to all that she is, are as powerful as that same motion…

That motion of waves and storms and tides that sculpt the landscape

No one can escape the positive aura she emits

An overwhelming sense of belonging and acceptance

She is the child of light and the defeater of darkness

There is no hesitance in who she is. Her standing still causes a restlessness

So she keeps moving, rising and setting only to rise again

An evolution of self she welcomes each new day with open heart

Just as the stars welcome the dark, she welcomes the tired and broken

Without words spoken she heals the insides and treats with an ancient love

She is the beam, she is the light. She is the day, she is the night

Without the darkness, the stars and moon wouldn’t be as bright

She is energy, shinning forth with unstoppable power and force

She is ancient new and present. Balanced, centered, smooth and coarse.

Gentle and tame, but ferocious and fierce