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Updated: Jan 10, 2018


Here I stare.

Stare into my thoughts and soul.

Take a moment to wake, getting up my goal

But no. Just lay as the sun rises. 

“Get up” my mind advises.

I am a happy creature of habit and waiting

I feed off the everlasting, yet constantly negating

Hungry for more, but never satisfied

Stagnant too long, become petrified

Butterflies flutter, sun shines through the shutters

Snow drifts down, birds return, whispers turn to stutters

Repeating the same moment, reliving it in my head

I open the window, the breeze touches my face as I lay in bed

Look to the ceilings thoughts become visual

Like staring at clouds, pulling me back to analog from digital

Phone beeps, then dies. I don’t pick it up, just sigh

I lie here, listening to the snow become rain as time flies

The hypocrisy of the time I’ve spent disconnected

Even though I’m more connected, injected into society, and nested

I live convicted, addicted and afflicted

Evicted from my being, couldn’t have been predicted

Injected and infected, by my thoughts rejected 

Expected to be perfected, but soon neglected


Become disconnected. 



Here I lie.



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